Harmony In Hospitality

Harmony Encourages Success

A Hotel Experience is its own cosmos, a biotope in which as a micro-society, all emotions, expectations, needs and hopes are presented in a spatially compressed and streamlined manner. Only when harmony drives and sustains this whole experience can the biotope become a long lasting success story.

My vision for harmony by 2040 stems from this. While front of house is functioning well and focus is on pillars such as finances, guests, bookings, payroll, employees etc, if the harmonious essence is neglected the business as a whole will not flourish.
Alongside the above mentioned pillars harmony encompasses the culmination of a well run business.

Ultimately, my vision is for every hotel to have such an excellent work climate by 2040, that it will be said that whoever works in the hospitality industry, is a very happy person.

How Will My Expertise Benefit You?

Millions of people are guests in hotels. Myriads are responsible for providing service and management to ensure satisfied customers. Cost and performance pressure is high. Pressure generates counter-pressure with harmony falling by the wayside, making sustainable success impossible.

AMA Training will equip you with the skills you need so that no facet of your business will be compromised.

Andrea Maria Aichinger

Not only do I offer years of professional experience, I am also married with two young children running a busy and vibrant household successfully… harmony is where the heart is.

Packages offered

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